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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
Globalization, Migration, and Development: The Role of Mexican Migrant Remittances. Ernesto López Córdova 2005 I0, F2, O15 Remittances, migration, globalization, development, Mexico SIMBAD Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 6(1)Google Scholar
The Effects of Migration on Child Health in Mexico. Nicole Hildebrandt and David J. Mckenzie 2005 O15, I12, F22 Health, Migration, Mexico Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 6(1)Google Scholar
Conditional Transfers, Labor Supply, and Poverty: Microsimulating Oportunidades. Fernanda Arce, Rosangela Bando and Samuel Freije 2006 H53, I38, J22 microsimulation, oportunidades, reducing poverty, Mexico ENIGH  Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 7(1)Google Scholar
The Effect of the Mexican Workforce Migration on the Mexican Maquiladora Labor Market. Scott Atkinson and Marilyn Ibarra 2007 J23, J31, J61, F22 migration, maquilas, labor market, Mexico Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 8(1)Google Scholar
The Impact of Return Migration to Mexico Seth R. Gitter, Robert J. Gitter and Douglas Southgate 2008 O15, J21, migration, Mexico, labor outcomes, MxFLS, resultados laborales ENNVIH  Estudios Económicos 23(1): 3-23Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Has product market competition reshaped returns to schooling in Mexico? Eduardo Rodríguez-Oreggia, Héctor Moreno Moreno and David Mulato Martínez 2008 D20, J24, J31, L11, O54, product market competition, industry wage differentials, returns to schooling, Mexico ENOE  EconoQuantum 5(1): 61-77Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Incentives for Supply Adequacy in Electricity Markets. An Application to the Mexican Power Sector Victor Carreón and Juan Rosellón 2009 L51, L52, L94, electricity generation, resource adequacy, capacity markets, capacity payments, capacity reserves, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época XVIII(2): 249-282Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Halving poverty in Mexico Juan Carlos Chávez Martín del Campo and Manuel Gómez 2009 D31, I32, O40, economic growth, millennium development goals, poverty goals, poverty measurement, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época XVIII(1): 107-121Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Minimum Wages and Earnings Inequality in Urban Mexico. Mariano Bosch and Marco Manacorda 2010 J31, J38, O15, O17, O18, R23 migration, Inequality, growth, Economic Development, Distribution, Mexico SAT American Economic Review 2(4): 49-128Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Dynamics of Income Inequality in Mexico since NAFTA. Gerardo Esquivel Hernández 2011 D33, D31, E01, E24 Income, Inequality, NAFTA, Mexico, wage ENIGH  Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 12(1)Google Scholar
Foreign Entry and the Mexican Banking System. Stephen Haber and Aldo Musacchio 2012 E02, E44, G20, G21, G2 Mexico, Bank, Banking system, economies, pricing, credit, domestic, foreign Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 13(1)Google Scholar
The Mexican trade liberalization process and its net effects on employment: 1988-2004. Rosario Cervantes and Gerardo Fujii 2012 F13, F16 Trade Liberalization, Trade and Labor Market Interactions, Employment, Mexico EconoQuantum 9(2): 81-97Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Investing Cash Transfers to Raise Long-Term Living Standards. Paul J. Gertler, Sebastian W. Martinez and Marta Rubio-Codina 2012 D14, H23, I38, O12 Bank, Taxation and Subsidies, increasing agricultural, Mexico PROCAMPO American Economic Review 4(1): 92-164Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Distribución del ingreso y bienestar social en México 1984-2008 Eduardo Michel Camacho and Willy W. Cortez 2012 I31, O15, O12, distribución del ingreso, índices de desigualdad, bienestar social, income distribution, inequality indexes, social welfare, Mexico ENIGH  Estudios Económicos 27(2): 347-378Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Agglomeration and the location choice of foreign direct investment: New evidence from manufacturing FDI in Mexico Jacob A. Jordan 2012 F23, O18, O54, R12, FDI, location, agglomeration, conditional logit, nested Logit, Mexico, inversión extranjera, localización, aglomeración, logit c Estudios Económicos 27(1): 61-97Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Ageing, Inequality and Social Security in Mexico. A Micro-Simulation Approach José-Ignacio Antón 2012 D30, H55, J18, ageing, pensions, inequality, Mexico, micro-simulation ENIGH  Economía mexicana: Nueva época XXI(2): 277-296Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Immigrants' Labor Supply and Exchange Arash Nekoei 2013 F24, F31, J22, J61 Social mobility, immigrant, Mexico American Economic Review 5(4): 64-144Google ScholarDownload from publisher
¿Niña o niño? Un estudio sobre las preferencias de los padres mexicanos por el sexo de sus hijos Andrés Méndez Ruiz and Raymundo M. Campos Vázquez 2013 E24, J12, J13, J24, O54, fecundidad, estructura familiar, preferencia por hijos, fertility, family structure, preference for sons, Mexico Estudios Económicos 28(2): 217-248Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Flypaper Effect in Mexican Local Governments Laura Sour 2013 H77, H72, H54, descentralización, transferencias federales, gobiernos locales, decentralization, federal transfers, flypaper, local governments, Mexico, Latin Estudios Económicos 28(1): 165-186Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Rise and Fall of the Barcelonnettes in Mexico and their Implications for a Theory of Entrepreneurial Diasporas Gonzalo Castañeda 2013 N86, J15, Z13, F22, entrepreneurial diasporas, ethnic entrepreneurship, business history, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época Cierre de (II): 497-540Google ScholarDownload from publisher
When Change Matters Identifying Score Gains School Determinants in Mexico: An Intra-cohort Value-added Approach Edgar Franco Vivanco 2013 I24, I28, J33, N36, education, value-added models, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época Cierre de (II): 361-405Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Value of Longevity in Mexico Gabriel Martínez and Nelly Aguilera 2013 I18, J10, J17, longevity, willingness to pay, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época Cierre de (II): 341-359Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Capital flows and private investment in Mexico Carlos Alberto Ibarra 2013 C22, E22, F21, F43, O11, O54, capital flows, FDI, portfolio, investments, investment determinants, real exchange rate, bounds testing approach, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época Cierre de (I): 65-99Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Why Did Wage Inequality Decrease in Mexico after NAFTA? Raymundo M. Campos Vázquez 2013 J20, J31, O15, O54, wage inequality, Mexico, education, employent ENIGH  Economía mexicana: Nueva época XXII(2): 245-278Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Distributive and Regional Effects of Monopoly Power Carlos M. Urzúa 2013 L1, L4, O5 monopoly, market power, income distribution, social welfare, Mexico ENIGH  Economía mexicana: Nueva época XXII(2): 279-295Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Social Protection Programs and Employment. The Case of Mexico’s Seguro Popular Program Raymundo M. Campos Vázquez and Melissa A. Knox 2013 J4, H51, O1, O54, informality, Mexico, employment, Seguro Popular ENOE  Economía mexicana: Nueva época XXII(2): 403-448Google ScholarDownload from publisher
14 Years Later: The Spread of Drug Crime in Mexico. Nicolás Corona Juárez 2014 C33, O17, O54 Drug Crimes, Mexico, Spatial Econometrics, Panel Data EconoQuantum 11(2): 7-40Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Do Male-Female Wage Differentials Reflect Differences in the Return to Skill? Cross-City Evidence from 1980-2000 Paul Beaudry and Ethan Lewis 2014 J15, J24, J31, J71, O33, R23 regional migration, race, Inequality, labor market, Mexico American Economic Review 6(2): 94-178Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Testing Paternalism: Cash versus In-Kind Transfers Jesse M. Cunha 2014 I14, I18, 138, O15 regulation, Inequality, Economic Development, food, Mexico INSP American Economic Review 6(2): 195-230Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Gasto en investigación y desarrollo y productividad en la industria manufacturera mexicana René Cabral and Franco Jair González 2014 J23, J24, L60, O47, productividad, gasto en I+D, industria manufacturera mexicana, datos de panel, productivity, R&D expenditure, manufacturing industry, Mexico, pan Estudios Económicos 29(1): 27-55Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Market discipline: a review of the Mexican deposit market Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García 2014 E59, G21, G39, market discipline, deposit market, bank risk, Mexico Latin American Economic Review 23(6)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Do Mexicans care about air pollution? José Iván Rodríguez-Sánchez 2014 D1, Q2, Q5, R1 particulate matter, migration costs, discrete choice models, valuation of air quality in Mexico ENIGH  Latin American Economic Review 23(9)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Intergenerational transmission of education: the relative importance of transmission channels Florian Wendelspiess Chávez Juárez 2015 D31, I21, I24, I62 Intergenerational transmission of education, Social mobility, IQ transmission, Inequality, Mexico ENNVIH  Latin American Economic Review 24(1): 1-44Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Violence in Mexico: An economic rationale of crime and its impacts Enrique Leonardo Kato Vidal 2015 O54, O11, C01, economics of crime, deterrence, Mexico EconoQuantum 12(2): 93-108Google ScholarDownload from publisher
On the Variety of Mexico's Export Goods Tadashi Ito 2015 F14, F15, NAFTA, export goods variety, Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte, variedad de las exportaciones de bienes, Mexico Estudios Económicos 30(2): 183-218Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Microcredit Impacts: Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco Manuela Angelucci, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman 2015 C83, D14, G21, I31, J23, O12, O16 credit, Bank, development, Mexico American Economic Review 7(1): 82-151Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Investment, asset market, and the relative unit labor cost in Mexico Carlos Alberto Ibarra 2015 C22, E22, F21, F32, O11, O54 Relative unit labor cost (RULC), Real exchange rate determinants, Mexico, Bounds testing approach, Foreign reserve accumulation Economic Change and Restructuring Online Fir: 1-26Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Investment and the real exchange rate’s profitability channel in Mexico Carlos Alberto Ibarra 2015 E22, E25, F41, F43, O11, O54, investment equations, real exchange rate, profit margins, profitability channel, Mexico International Review of Applied Economics 29(5): 716-739Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does access to free health insurance crowd-out private transfers? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular Pedro Orraca Romano 2015 I13, I18, I38, public health insurance, crowding-out, private transfers, Mexico, Seguro Popular ENIGH  Latin American Economic Review 24(7)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does access to health insurance reduce the risk of miscarriages? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular Tobias Pfutze 2015 I13, I15, I18, O12, miscarriages, health insurance, Mexico ENADID  Latin American Economic Review 24(8)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The gender wage gap and occupational segregation in the Mexican labour market Pedro Orraca Romano, Francisco-Javier Cabrera and Gustavo Iriarte 2016 J31, J24, J71, occupational segregation, gender wage differentials, Mexico ENOE  EconoQuantum 13(1): 51-72Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Propensity toward industry-science links across Mexico’s technological sectors: An analysis of patents, 1980-2013 Alenka Guzmán, Edgar Acatitla and Thalia Vázquez 2016 O14, O31, O33, industry-science links, patents, factors of propensity toward industry-science links, Mexico EconoQuantum 13(1): 125-157Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Comparison of Fiscal System Progressivity over Time: Theory and Application in Mexico Luis Huesca Reynoso and Abdelkrim Araar 2016 E62, D63, I32, O12, fiscal system, progressivity, inequality, polarization, sistema fiscal, progresividad, desigualdad, polarización, Mexico ENIGH  Estudios Económicos 21(1): 3-45Google ScholarDownload from publisher
La clase media en la economía formal e informal en México 1997-2013: Divergencias con las tendencias globales y de América Latina. José Juan Cervantes, Arun Kumar Acharya and Eduardo Rivas Olmedo 2016 Formality, Informality, labor market, Mexico, Middle class, Clase media, formalidad, informalidad, México, mercado de trabajo Revista Gaceta Laboral 22(3): 218-238Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Labor market consequences of trade openness and competitors in foreign markets Daniel Chiquiar, Enrique Covarrubias and Alejandrina Salcedo 2017 E24, F14, F16, international trade and labor markets, local labor markets, Mexico, NAFTA, Chinese competition, comercio internacional y mercado laboral, mercados lab ENOE  Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2017-01Google ScholarDownload from publisher
La efectividad de la política social en México: Un análisis de la reducción de la pobreza monetaria después de la operación de los programas que transfieren ingreso. Katya Rodríguez Gómez and Fernando Patrón Sánchez 2017 1405-1079 income, means, tested cash transfers, Mexico, poverty, social policy, social security, ingresos, méxico, pobreza, política social Gestión y Política Pública. 26(1): 3-51Google ScholarDownload from publisher
El retorno al extractivismo en América Latina. ¿Ruptura o profundización del modelo de economía liberal y por qué ahora? Alicia Puyana 2017 inequality, Latin America, Mexico natural resources, poverty, América Latina, desigualdad, México, pobreza, recursos naturales Espiral 24(69): 73-113Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Impact of Crime and Other Economic Forces on Mexico's Foreign Direct Investment Inflows René Cabral, André Mollick and Eduardo Saucedo 2018 C33, F21, F52, P45, Crime, Foreign Direct Investment, Mexico, Panel Data Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2018-24Google ScholarDownload from publisher