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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
The Effects of Migration on Child Health in Mexico. Nicole Hildebrandt and David J. Mckenzie 2005 O15, I12, F22 Health, Migration, Mexico Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 6(1)Google Scholar
Labor Force Participation of Mexican Elderly: The Importance of Health Edwin van Gameren 2008 J21, J14, C35, labor force participation, health status, pensions, elderly, participación laboral, estado de salud, pensiones, adultos mayores ENASEM  Estudios Económicos 23(1): 89-127Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does access to free health insurance crowd-out private transfers? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular Pedro Orraca Romano 2015 I13, I18, I38, public health insurance, crowding-out, private transfers, Mexico, Seguro Popular ENIGH  Latin American Economic Review 24(7)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does access to health insurance reduce the risk of miscarriages? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular Tobias Pfutze 2015 I13, I15, I18, O12, miscarriages, health insurance, Mexico ENADID  Latin American Economic Review 24(8)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
How Does Development Mean? Attitudes toward Mining and the Social Meaning of Development in Guatemala M.L. Dougherty 2019 Mining conflicts, Attitudes toward mining, Public health, Latin America, Economic development Latin American Perspectives 46(2): 161-181Google ScholarDownload from publisher