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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
Minimum Wages and Earnings Inequality in Urban Mexico. Mariano Bosch and Marco Manacorda 2010 J31, J38, O15, O17, O18, R23 migration, Inequality, growth, Economic Development, Distribution, Mexico SAT American Economic Review 2(4): 49-128Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The effect of social programs and exposure to professionals on the educational aspirations of the poor Carlos Chiapa, José Luis Garrido and Silvia Prina 2012 I38, J24, O12, Economic Development, Educational economics, Human capital, State and federal aid Economics of Education Review 31(5): 778-798Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Testing Paternalism: Cash versus In-Kind Transfers Jesse M. Cunha 2014 I14, I18, 138, O15 regulation, Inequality, Economic Development, food, Mexico INSP American Economic Review 6(2): 195-230Google ScholarDownload from publisher
21st century economic development: Telework and its impact on local income Roberto Gallardo del Angel and Brian Whitacre 2018 economic development, telework, broadband, digital divide, local income REGIONAL SCIENCE POLICY AND PRACTICE 10(2): 103-123Google ScholarDownload from publisher
How Does Development Mean? Attitudes toward Mining and the Social Meaning of Development in Guatemala M.L. Dougherty 2019 Mining conflicts, Attitudes toward mining, Public health, Latin America, Economic development Latin American Perspectives 46(2): 161-181Google ScholarDownload from publisher