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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
The Effect of the Mexican Workforce Migration on the Mexican Maquiladora Labor Market. Scott Atkinson and Marilyn Ibarra 2007 J23, J31, J61, F22 migration, maquilas, labor market, Mexico Economía Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 8(1)Google Scholar
The Mexican trade liberalization process and its net effects on employment: 1988-2004. Rosario Cervantes and Gerardo Fujii 2012 F13, F16 Trade Liberalization, Trade and Labor Market Interactions, Employment, Mexico EconoQuantum 9(2): 81-97Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Do Male-Female Wage Differentials Reflect Differences in the Return to Skill? Cross-City Evidence from 1980-2000 Paul Beaudry and Ethan Lewis 2014 J15, J24, J31, J71, O33, R23 regional migration, race, Inequality, labor market, Mexico American Economic Review 6(2): 94-178Google ScholarDownload from publisher
La clase media en la economía formal e informal en México 1997-2013: Divergencias con las tendencias globales y de América Latina. José Juan Cervantes, Arun Kumar Acharya and Eduardo Rivas Olmedo 2016 Formality, Informality, labor market, Mexico, Middle class, Clase media, formalidad, informalidad, México, mercado de trabajo Revista Gaceta Laboral 22(3): 218-238Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Labor market consequences of trade openness and competitors in foreign markets Daniel Chiquiar, Enrique Covarrubias and Alejandrina Salcedo 2017 E24, F14, F16, international trade and labor markets, local labor markets, Mexico, NAFTA, Chinese competition, comercio internacional y mercado laboral, mercados lab ENOE  Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2017-01Google ScholarDownload from publisher