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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
Agglomeration and the location choice of foreign direct investment: New evidence from manufacturing FDI in Mexico Jacob A. Jordan 2012 F23, O18, O54, R12, FDI, location, agglomeration, conditional logit, nested Logit, Mexico, inversión extranjera, localización, aglomeración, logit c Estudios Económicos 27(1): 61-97Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Capital flows and private investment in Mexico Carlos Alberto Ibarra 2013 C22, E22, F21, F43, O11, O54, capital flows, FDI, portfolio, investments, investment determinants, real exchange rate, bounds testing approach, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época Cierre de (I): 65-99Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Determinants of FDI Attraction in the Manufacturing Sector in Mexico, 1999-2015. Felipe J. Fonseca, Irving Llamosas-Rosas and 2018 C21, C23, R12, FDI, spatial panel econometric models, spillover effects Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2018-07Google ScholarDownload from publisher