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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
Factores de dinámica social asociados al índice de masa corporal en adultos en México Eduardo Rodríguez-Oreggia and Ana Bertha Pérez Lizaur 2010 C23, D01, I18, J18, sobrepeso, obesidad, dinámica social, índice masa corporal, políticas públicas, panel, overweight, obesity, social dynamic ENNVIH  Estudios Económicos 25(2): 337-362Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Testing Paternalism: Cash versus In-Kind Transfers Jesse M. Cunha 2014 I14, I18, 138, O15 regulation, Inequality, Economic Development, food, Mexico INSP American Economic Review 6(2): 195-230Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Influenza Vaccination Campaigns: Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure? Courtney J. Ward 2014 H75, I12, I18 education, government Policy, regulation American Economic Review 6(1): 38-72Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does access to free health insurance crowd-out private transfers? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular Pedro Orraca Romano 2015 I13, I18, I38, public health insurance, crowding-out, private transfers, Mexico, Seguro Popular ENIGH  Latin American Economic Review 24(7)Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does access to health insurance reduce the risk of miscarriages? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular Tobias Pfutze 2015 I13, I15, I18, O12, miscarriages, health insurance, Mexico ENADID  Latin American Economic Review 24(8)Google ScholarDownload from publisher