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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
Are remittances a stabilizing factor in the Mexican economy? Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Cota 2012 F24, F15, F44, F36 remittances, Mexican economy, GDP, economic cycles, economic integration EconoQuantum 9(1): 83-99Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Effects of the Great Recession on state output in Mexico Pablo Mejía-Reyes and Miguel Ángel Díaz-Carreño 2015 E32, F44, C21, regional business cycles, great recession, spatial regression EconoQuantum 12(2): 25-45Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Informality, Labor Regulation, and the Business Cycle Gustavo Leyva and Carlos Urrutia 2018 E24, E32, F44, J65, informality, business cycle, small open economy, job creation, employment protection, international interest rate shocks Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2018-19Google ScholarDownload from publisher