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Publicaciones sobre México


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Title Authors Year JEL Keywords Database Abstract Publication-Info Action
Paradoja Feldsteing-Horioka: El caso de México (1950-2007) Víctor Hugo Alcalá Ríos, Manuel Gómez-Zaldivar and Daniel Ventosa-Santaulària 2011 C12, C22, F21, F32, paradoja Feldstein-Horioka, cointegración, cambios estructurales, Feldstein-Horioka Paradox, cointegration, structural changes Estudios Económicos 26(2): 293-313Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Capital flows and private investment in Mexico Carlos Alberto Ibarra 2013 C22, E22, F21, F43, O11, O54, capital flows, FDI, portfolio, investments, investment determinants, real exchange rate, bounds testing approach, Mexico Economía mexicana: Nueva época Cierre de (I): 65-99Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Portfolio Investment Response to U.S. Monetary Policy Announcements: An Event Study Analysis Using High Frequency Data from Mexico Marco Aurelio Hernández Vega 2017 E4, E52, F21, F3, F62, G10, Monetary Policy Announcements, Unconventional Monetary Policies, Foreign Portfolio Investment, Mexican Equity and Bond Market, Anuncios de Polí Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2017-02Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Effect of Uncertainty on Foreign Direct Investment: the Case of Mexico Gabriela López Noria and Juan José Zamudio Fernández 2018 D80, F21, D84, L60, Uncertainty, Foreign Direct Investment, Expectations, Manufacturing Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2018-03Google ScholarDownload from publisher
The Impact of Crime and Other Economic Forces on Mexico's Foreign Direct Investment Inflows René Cabral, André Mollick and Eduardo Saucedo 2018 C33, F21, F52, P45, Crime, Foreign Direct Investment, Mexico, Panel Data Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2018-24Google ScholarDownload from publisher
Does Monetary Policy in Advanced Economies Have Differentiated Effects on Portfolio Flows to Emerging Economies? Marco Hernández Vega 2018 E52, F21, F62, G10, Emerging Markets, Foreign Portfolio Investment, Monetary Policy Announcements Banco de México: Documentos de Investigación 2018-27Google ScholarDownload from publisher